Burlesque & Variety Arts Legends Dusty Summers and Fannie Annie
Burlesque & Variety Arts Legends Dusty Summers and Fannie Annie

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A Call to Action From “The Queen of Exotic Dancers”,

American Burlesque Super Star,

Tempest Storm

Classic American Burlesque Performer & Actress Tempest Storm
Classic American Burlesque Performer & Actress Tempest Storm
The following information is given via BurlyCares with full permission from the executor of Tempest Storm’s estate.

          It is with great humility and thanks that BurlyCares announces we have raised a grand total of $11,501.02 for the amazing Tempest Storm. Tempest graced the grand stage and transitioned from this world on April 20, 2021. She was surrounded by loved ones and passed with great comfort and ease. The entire BurlyCares team holds the upmost graditude and honor for being part of Temepst’s care, comfort and transition. As she did with her entire life, she faced healthcare challenges and transitioning with amazing grace and fearlessness.

BurlyCares is proud to announce that we surpassed our goal to raise $8500 for Tempest and raised a grand total of $11,501.02! Below is a breakdown of the amount of money raised and the allocation of money spent to assist Tempest.


Total Amount Raised: $11,501.02

Private Certified Nursing Assistance & Direct Care Caregiver Costs: $1211.50

Private Registered Nursing & Case Management Direct Patient Care Costs: $2,647.50

Medication Co-Pay Costs: $36.00

Afterlife/Funeral Home Costs (Nevada & Georgia): $7606.02

Final Balance as of 5/5/2021: $0


BurlyCares continues to extend profound gratitude and thanks to all those who donated to Tempest’s Fundraiser. Your donations went to direct care for her, care that maintained ultimate comfort and the ability for Tempest to remain in her home throughout her process. Your donations also ensured a proper burial, per her final wishes, and the ability to have her final resting place be with her family in Eastman, Georgia.

Additional donations towards Tempest’s fundraiser will be placed directly towards a fund being created by friends and family to purchase a memorial columbarium niche at the prestigeous Westwood Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.


About Tempest Storm

Tempest Storm was a famous classic burlesque show performer and American movie star. Born in a humble environment in Georgia, she arrived in Los Angeles at the tender age of 17 and started working as a server. She then advanced her career working as a striptease performer in the Los Angeles clubs. At the prime of her career during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s she gained massive popularity as she performed at clubs across the United States. She then broke into American film and has starred in the well-known 1955 film “Teaserama” with Bettie Page. She went on to also star in the films “Buxom Beautease”, “Paris After Midnight”, “French Peep Show”, “Strip Strip Hooray”, “Behind the Burly Q” and her self-proclaimed biography movie “Tempest Storm”. In 1956 she was offered a huge deal by the “Bryan-Engels Burlesque” chain and became the highest paid stripper across the country during this time. One of her most frequented venues was a burlesque theater in Oakland, CA named “El Rey”. She was continually invited regularly by clubs across the US, the UK and Canada for decades and last performed formally in 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. [1], [2]






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