Burlesque & Variety Arts Legends Dusty Summers and Fannie Annie
Burlesque & Variety Arts Legends Dusty Summers and Fannie Annie

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A Call to Action from Miss Bump-and-Grind ’63”, Burlesque Super Legend Penny Starr Senior!

The following information was given to BurlyCares with full permission from Penny Starr Sr. and her self-appointed confidant, friend and helper John Timson (aka ‘Visa V’).

Burlesque Legend Penny Starr Sr. at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender 2019
Burlesque Legend Penny Starr Sr. at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender 2019

     She is known as the one of ‘World’s Oldest Strippers’ and she has delighted audiences the world over for decades! She is Penny Starr Sr. and she is a living Legend of burlesque! Penny is still very active within the art of burlesque, but she has recently encountered more than a few challenges during the Covid pandemic.

     After the recent passing of her husband, and also not being able to teach or perform regularly over the last year due to Covid, she has come upon unexpected financial difficulties with her home, as well as with her beloved animals. Penny is in need of funding for her home to replace and treat all of the insulation in her attic, as well as controlling and treating a severe termite and rat infestation. In addition to housing needs, Penny has had to treat her dogs more frequently with veterinarian visits and surgery for one of them. Penny is deeply connected to her dogs, and they have provided her with a constant source of comfort and love during the Covid pandemic.[1]

     BurlyCares, along with her trusted confidant, friend and neo-boylesque performer ‘Visa V’, (The Wildcard of Burlesque), would like to set a goal to raise $5,000 for Penny. Any additional money raised passed the above stated needs will go towards a fund kept for any additional housing needs or care for her dogs. BurlyCares is also committed to continue to work with Penny and her family on addressing any other long term needs as well.

     Penny’s fundraiser is currently set up on Go Fund Me via Visa V. You may also donate directly to BurlyCares on behalf of Penny as well. 100% of all the proceeds collected from the BurlyCares links will go directly to Penny. Below are the three links to donate easily! Any amount donated is so greatly appreciated.

     We deeply love and appreciate all that donate to helping Penny during this time and to all who continue to support our Legends!





About Penny Starr Senior

     Penny Starr Sr. has been delighting audiences since the 1950’s. She was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, had a quiet childhood, graduated from Allentown High School in 1951 and married soon after.

     She started her career modeling at Hess’s Department Store at the behest of Max Hess.  In 1957 she had the distinct opportunity to join the ‘Christiani Brother’s Circus’. She started out as a trapeze artist but soon found a love for the elephants she worked alongside. She was then paired with an elephant where she performed a pachyderm waltz that ended with the elephant holding one hoof over her head. During the time when the circus set up winter shows in Tampa, Florida, she signed on as a dancer at a burlesque club called ‘Guys and Dolls’, and her burlesque career was born.

     Penny continued to work the east coast burlesque circuit and made a name for herself in coal-region clubs and in Atlantic City. She was then named ‘Miss Bump-and-Grind of ’63’ at the ‘Cotton Club’ in Atlantic City.

     In the early 2000’s Penny Starr Sr. then paired with her granddaughter Penny Starr Jr. They went on to dance together in top hats and tails to Paul Anka’s version of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’. They are, to date, the only grandmother-granddaughter striptease act known.

     Penny Starr Sr. continues to perform and teach the art of burlesque to this day and is quoted as saying: “If I can walk, I’ll dance. And I’m not giving my high heels up for anyone.”[2]

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